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Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

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Corporate Communications provides effective marketing solutions to help you achieve your organisation's business targets and solve your key challenges.

Whether you are a SME needing to increase sales, a blue chip company looking to manage restructuring, a one person band just setting up in business or a charity wanting to attract more supporters - WE CAN HELP YOU!

We are passionate about your success. We work with you to define clear targets and then structure an integrated and cost effective communications campaign which actively delivers results.

Our work has put companies on tender lists, focussed staff on business targets and generated increased sales.

If you think your organisation could be doing better, or you have a specific project in mind, then please call us - we'll be only too delighted to help.


* Integrated communications campaigns that deliver results and leverage more value for your money
* Disciplined focus on agreed objectives and targets
* Creative and cost effective use of integrated PR, advertising, digital and direct marketing, websites, newsletters, social media and sponsorships
* Internal communications which work with your organisation's culture to share your vision and motivate your employees
* Event creation and management - from staff seminars and team-building to local and international conferences
* Media and presentation skills training.


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Integrated Marketing